Which material do you recommend if non-marking is specified?


The skill of creating a suction cup lies in finding the optimum ratio between material weight, centrifugal forces, friction and air flow underpressure during handling: and doing this afresh for every application.

Non-marking – this may well only be a theoretically achievable goal, but we pursue this aim as far as possible in the practice, and for every application. When selecting the material for our suction cups, we choose those which suit the respective thermal, physical and chemical conditions. The contact surface on the suction cup and the contact surface on the workpiece are optimally tailored to one another. This results in homogeneous contact surfaces whereby the material contact is restricted to the sealing function for the underpressure. This means our suction cups work almost exclusively using air – thus making them virtually non-marking.

Examples: sheet metal suction cups made from NBR material, Thermalon® suction cups, suction cups with felt covering, cups with sponge layer, vinyl suction cups and various silicones.

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