FIPA presents: Gap-free sprue grippers designed to handle complex workpieces with low material thickness


FIPA Inc. has improved upon its proven 100 Series medium sized, 10mm diameter sprue grippers with wide opening jaws by eliminating the gap between closed jaws. The updated design enables the secure, gap-free gripping of workpieces ranging from flat and malleable (e.g., silicone) parts and sprues as thin as 1mm to those with material thickness up to 10mm. Available with standard, sensor-enabled, and fully elastomer-coated jaws to accommodate a wide variety of applications, FIPA’s newly improved 100 Series sprue grippers are ideal for building EOAT systems designed to handle complex workpieces with low material thicknesses, and are particularly well suited for removing components from injection molding machines in plastics processing operations.

“This latest improvement to our tried-and-tested 100 Series grippers not only allows the jaws to securely detect and grip extremely flat sprues and tabs as thin as 1mm, but enables reliable parts inspection starting from that sprue thickness as well,” said Rainer Mehrer, president of FIPA. “As a result, our new 100 Series grippers provide customers with better performance and a great deal more functionality than competitors’ offerings.”

Featuring bodies and jaws made of high strength anodized aluminum alloy, FIPA’s 100 Series medium sized, 10mm diameter sprue grippers deliver outstanding performance in environments with filtered and oiled or unoiled air. The robust designs provide a remarkably high closing force of 22N at 6 bar operating pressure, and are also lightweight, weighing between 48g and 53g (1.69oz and 1.87oz), which makes them an ideal option for EOAT applications.

The 100 Series grippers with standard, non-sensing jaws are available with single- or double-acting operation modes, the latter of which allows jaw opening and closing to be controlled separately, and are thus especially beneficial for applications with short cycle times. The 100 Series grippers with sensor-enabled jaws feature a single-acting operating mode and PNP or NPN sensors capable of either direct or indirect part detection. Sensor-enabled grippers designed for direct part detection feature large area sensor activation regardless of sprue position. Sensor-enabled grippers designed for indirect part detection signal when jaws close without gripping a part and do not feature any moving parts. Lastly, the 100 Series grippers with fully elastomer-coated jaws gently grip workpieces, preventing the surface of even delicate materials from scratching. This innovative option is ideal for cosmetic applications in which an additional level of removal protection is required.