Heavy-duty Suspensions with a high positional accuracy and a long life cycle


Rugged and durable: Thanks to the high-quality IGUS® plain bearings, these heavy-duty suspensions have a high positional accuracy. Even after a long period of use, the plain bearings will retain their shape and move the plunger rod into the desired position with minimal play. The special plastic used for the plain bearing retains its excellent running characteristics, even when dust particles have penetrated for a long time.

This makes it very easy to integrate the suspensions into various automation solutions: The vacuum infeed is at the top of the suspension. The plunger rod then transfers the vacuum to the vacuum suction cup to be connected at the bottom. FIPA offers a range of suitable vacuum suction cups, i.e. flat cups, bellows cups and oval vacuum suction cups.

The spiral spring attached to the plunger rod ensures a gentle touch-down on sensitive products. Its telescopic design allows it to adjust for height differences in the product to be handled without major readjustment. Thus the combination of a spring plunger and a bellows suction cup makes it possible to handle three-dimensional metal parts safely.

Other quality characteristics, such as a stainless steel shaft and optional twist protection, have been added by FIPA to provide a robust component for flexible automation. The new design has clearly optimized the twist protection with regard to precision and life cycle.

The new heavy-duty spring plungers at a glance:

  • High positional accuracy: Minimum play due to high-quality IGUS® plain bearings
  • Long life cycle: Abrasion-resistant, self-lubricating bushings
  • Fewer readjustments: Automatic height adjustment via spring plungers
  • Gentle touch-down: Spring action protects sensitive materials
  • Optional twist protection: Optimizes precision and durability