Flat vacuum cups with safety sealing lips - SFU-S

With internal multiple security sealing lips, vulcanised aluminium support plate and large-area rubber supports for the product side, flat SFU-S series vacuum cups provide high process security and good stability, even under high shear forces.

Flat vacuum cups with double safety sealing lips – SFU-S

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensionsConnection thread [mm]Material / ColourData Sheet
150.030.031._* SFU-S-30M5-female3SI (r), CR (sw) Download datasheet
150.050.032._* SFU-S-50G1/8-female5.5SI (r), CR (sw) Download datasheet
150.075.033._* SFU-S-75G1/4-female6SI (r), FKM (sw), CR (sw) Download datasheet
150.100.034._* SFU-S-100G3/8-female9NBR (sw), SI (tr), NR (w) Download datasheet
150.150.010._* SFU-S-150G1/2-female9SI (gr), CR (gr) Download datasheet
150.225.018._* SFU-S-225G3/4-female9.5SI (gr), CR (gr) Download datasheet

+Product description

Flat vacuum cups with dual internal safety sealing lip as well as vulcanized carrier plate made of aluminum.


  • High process reliability through multiple sealing lip
  • Excellent lateral stability due to vulcanized carrier plate, as well as rubberized support surfaces for the product