In which sectors and company activities can I use a tube lifter?

A FIPA tube lifter is a very universal piece of equipment, and even the standard version has a wide range of application possibilities, so that the same unit can be used to master a wide range of tasks. This means that all areas of internal logistics from goods receiving to production, warehousing and goods despatch are served and that problem-free material flow is guaranteed. With partially different load-carrying equipment we can move a large variety of types of goods, such as sacks, boxes, cartons, plates, sheets, windows, doors, glass panes, barrels, beverage crates and canisters. Virtually any application can be considered. Tube lifters can be used in any conceivable sector; these systems are often found in producing companies, such as in sheet metal processing, carpentry, window manufacture, breweries and in all types of logistics companies, as well as in all companies that have to control their material flow in the course of their internal logistics.