Crane technology

We already have a crane system with rails from a different manufacturer. Are the FIPA easy-run rails compatible?

The rail systems produced by many manufacturers are based on standard dimensions so that is possible that our components will fit with your crane. A revision of some of your steel rail systems in the project is available on request. Speak to us about it and our Technical Sales Department will be pleased to provide advice and information.

Does a crane system need to have regular tests and who can carry out the tests?

In accordance with §26 of the BGV D6 (Accident Prevention Regulations Cranes), the operator is obliged to have the cranes inspected by an expert authority, depending on the deployment conditions and the operating environment, but at least once a year. We would be pleased to offer this service, our colleagues with this responsibility have gained the expert authority certification for cranes and lifting devices from TÜV Süd (Germany) and are therefore authorised to test your crane system.

The roof to which we want to attach the crane rails is statically not designed for heavy loads, can FIPA still offer a crane?

If the rail system cannot be directly mounted on the roof or overhead construction, for static loading or other reasons, FIPA uses a frame gantry system. This is a steel construction that stands on the floor from which the rail system is suspended. FIPA has developed a construction kit which allows us to offer this system to you within a short time and at low cost.

None of the suspensions from the standard construction kit are suitable for our structural conditions. Can FIPA offer a special solution?

In most cases the standard designs of our suspensions are adequate, but, if specific structural conditions require a special type of suspension (re-clamping from wooden beams, a wall bracket), this is definitely possible on request.

I did not find any power units in your product range, can FIPA also offer powered or semi-powered crane systems?

In the course of projects, we can, of course, also offer crane systems with motorised crane bridges or trolleys, having one or two speed settings.