FIPA innovation: Effortlessly handle metal sheets up to 290 kg
FIPALIFT tube lifters facilitate handling in sheet metal processing


Modern CNC-laser processing centers, punching machines, and other sheet metal processing machines are highly efficient. However the loading and unloading of these machines with metal sheets often takes place by hand, – extremely economically inefficient and a laborious accident-prone process due to sheet size, weight and sharp edges. The unwieldy formats and high weights of the sheets often tie up two or more people. For small scale production, high costs rule out robots for the loading and unloading of machine metal processing.

With lifting systems that are especially adapted to your needs and based on the FIPALIFT tube lifter, FIPA provides a solution that relieves the employees, improves ergonomics in the workplace, and increases efficiency in production. With it, one person can safely handle a metal sheet weighing up to 290 kg and place them precisely in position within a short cycle time.

The ability to combine the FIPALIFT tube lifter with all components of the FIPA vacuum and gripper technology is advantageous for the development and construction of customised lifting solutions. Whether structured, smooth, oily, dry, non-magnetic or hot plates – customised lifting solutions based on the FIPALIFT tube lifter allow for the process-safe handling of metal sheets without the risk of dents, scratches, or residue of paint-impairing substances.

FIPA is presenting an innovative solution for the handling of metal sheets with a FIPALIFT tube lifter Expert and column mounted jib crane at the Blechexpo 2015 in Stuttgart / Germany, booth No. 1207 in hall 1.

From November 3-6 visitors can also find out more about the full range of FIPA vacuum, gripper, crane, and hoist technology. The focus of the presentation is on the complete series of sheet metal vacuum cups for the dynamic handling of oily sheets and extremely wear-resistant Varioflex® vacuum cups for the handling of dry plates.