FIPA presents: Gap-free grippers for secure workpiece removal


The new FIPA grippers close without a gap. They securely grip not only thin sprues or tabs, but also soft malleable sprues and tabs, like those made of silicone, starting from a thickness of about 1 mm. Reliable parts inspection is possible starting from this sprue thickness as well. As a result, these grippers leave the competition’s models far behind. For automation, this is a reliable component for building gripper systems for complex workpieces with low material thickness. These can be used as sprue grippers in plastics processing operations or for removing components from tooling machines. With the new grippers, even workpieces with a high material thickness can be gripped, thanks to the wide-opening gripper jaws. The dual-action variant is targeted at applications with short cycle times because opening and closing can be controlled separately.

The gap-free grippers at a glance:

  • High level of process safety: Secure gripping and detection starting with a sprue thickness of 1 mm
  • Wide-opening gripper jaws: Ideal for gripping larger sprues or workpieces
  • Dual-action variant: For short cycle times