FIPA presents: Grippers with all-round elastomer coating
Gentle handling of plastic parts


A pioneer once again: A few years ago, FIPA was the first service provider to offer sprue grippers coated with HNBR on the inside of the gripper jaws. With the new grippers of the 100 series, FIPA is going one step further: All four sides of the gripper jaws are now completely coated with HNBR. As a result, workpieces can be gently handled. Upon placing the gripper on the workpiece, the HNBR-gummed jaws prevent the surface of delicate parts from being scratched by the gripper.

Especially in the case of complex-shaped parts with cavities and curvatures near the sprue, the scrap rate can be reduced, because no damage can occur as a result of accidental contact between the gripper and the item to be handled. As an elastomer containing no paint-wetting impairment substances, HNBR leaves no markings behind that could prevent painting or coating of the plastic parts from being carried out at a subsequent point.

The new HNBR-coated sprue grippers at a glance:

  • Gentle gripping: Gripper jaws completely coated with HNBR prevent scratching of items to be handled
  • Maximum reliability: High closing force ensures secure gripping
  • Wide-opening gripper jaws: Secure handling of large workpieces
  • Complete closure: Secure grip on thin parts
  • Unique design: Registered utility model