FIPA presents: A robust gripper with a large area sprue control
Securely remove workpieces during injection molding


High process reliability, compact construction: The new GR04.101A sprue gripper from FIPA offers a technically optimised solution for removing injection molded parts. “The new gripper scores well thanks to its newly developed, large area sprue control, in particular,” says Rainer Mehrer, CEO of FIPA.

FIPA is once again improving process reliability with the newly developed sprue gripper in the 100 series. The large sensor area, which identifies workpieces with high reliability and regardless of the position of the sprue in the gripper, offers a decisive competitive edge. The strong gripping force also guarantees maximum grip even at high cycle times. The robust construction with a Hartcoat® treated gripper surface ensures a long cycle life and high wear resistance. Thanks to its compact construction and low weight the new gripper is easily integrated with the FIPA gripper modules.

The new GR04.101A sprue gripper at a glance:

  • High process reliability: Large area sprue control for the detection of the sprue in the gripper regardless of position.
  • Maximum reliability: High gripping force of 22 N guarantees a secure grip of the sprue.
  • Large area of application: Large jaw opening and compact construction allow it to be flexibly integrated in gripper systems.
  • High wear resistance due to Hartcoat® treated surface: A special coating on the gripper ensures high reliability and a long cycle life.