FIPA presents: Quick-change systems with innovative SAFE-LOCK
Fast and reliable gripper change


Quick-change systems ensure a safe and stable connection between robots and gripper systems and have been state-of-the-art for a considerable time. In these systems, one half is firmly attached to the robot while the other half is mounted on the gripper system. The operator uses a hand lever to engage the locking mechanism. Until now, a closed or open lock showed the locking state in the stop positions. Especially with large and heavy End-of-Arm-Tooling, there may be cases when the forces and accelerations occurring will cause the locking mechanism to release on its own as a result of vibrations, disconnecting the robot side from the gripper side. This can cause damage to the gripper or the workpiece. It may also happen that the system starts up even though the lever is not quite in the end position, since moments of force between robot and gripper give the impression of a securely locked device. This can also lead to process disruption and damage during operation.

With its innovative snap-on mechanism and optical locking indication, the newly developed and patented SAFE-LOCK system from FIPA offers maximum process safety when changing grippers: As long as both sides of the manual changer are not completely locked and the locking mechanism has not yet been released, the indicator shows “Green”. Once it locks in place, the indicator changes to “Red” and shows the operator that the system is securely locked.

This innovative technology minimises downtime and damage which may be caused by unintentional release of the gripper, thus increasing the efficiency of the overall system with maximum functional reliability.

The body of the quick-change system is made of high-strength anodised aluminium alloy. The product is available in the most popular sizes of Ø 50 mm, Ø 90 mm and Ø 150 mm and provides up to ten compressed air or vacuum connectors to connect grippers or vacuum cups.